VCD 8 - Visualization of Data | COVID-19 Data Project | HTML + CSS + JQuery + Adobe Illustrator
For our final project in VCD 8: Visualization of Data, our professor challenged us to create a data visualization that was informative, compelling, and told a specific story surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As we researched together over Zoom, my two partners and I found an article that said COVID-19 has been disproportionately affecting black individuals in Chicago. With this glaring statement in mind, my partners and I decided to collect data and create a visualization that explored which Chicago communities have been most vulnerable to the virus. The visualization is an interactive website, and the video below shows how viewers can independently interact with it. The side blurb on the site reads: 
Every day, the City of Chicago releases updates on how COVID-19 has affected communities across the city. Along with data that break downs the number of cases by age, gender, and race, the city posts a daily map that shows how many confirmed cases are in each city zipcode. 
In this visualization, the Chicago COVID-19 zipcode map is put in context with additional maps that outline the overall racial and socioeconomic makeup of each zipcode in the city. Through comparing the maps, one can begin to see which communities have been most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.​​​​​​​
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